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Ingmarsö is an island in the middle of the archipelago. You can get here by boat, either your own or one from Waxholmsbolaget.


However, there are many options. Be sure to check the schedules for boats and buses for the specific day you plan to travel.


The final address is Djurgårdsvägen 7, 130 25 Ingmarsö, or more precisely 59°28'25"N 18°45'18"E.


If You're Driving

The easiest way to reach Ingmarsö by car is from ”Åsättra Brygga” (Åsättra jetty) on Ljusterö, north of Stockholm. But it's also possible to come from the south. Then you drive to Boda Brygga (Jetty). At both jetties, there are parking spaces available.

If You're Using Public Transport


From Slussen, take bus 438 to Boda Brygga. There, Waxholmsbolaget will take you to Ingmarsö Södra Brygga (Ingmarsö Southern jetty).

From Danderyds sjukhus (Danderyd Hospital), you can take bus 626 to Åsättra brygga (jetty) where other Waxholm boats manage the traffic.

If You Love Boats


Then take the boat from Strömkajen by the Grand Hotel in Stockholm or from Vaxholm. It takes some time, but there's a sundeck, snacks, and maybe a beer. Plus, a marvelous view over islets and rocks.


There are boats to both the Southern and Northern Ingmarsö. Both jetties are equally good options.

Contact Us

Ingmarsö B&B


Djurgårdsvägen 7

30 25 Ingmarsö

Tel: +46 70 422 27 11

Phone: 123-456-7890

Fax: 123-456-7890

Tack för ditt meddelande!

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